Message from The President

Message from The President

Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahad AlKraidees

In 2007, we set off on a journey of success, aware of our responsibility towards our client, the community, our team and our partners. Equipped with our value, we were always up for the challenge, capable of achieving our aspirations and more.

Today, Nahwasharq Co. Ltd. is leading the development as a pioneer of luxury, speed and refined design in the motorsport world across the Kingdom. Since the conception of Nahwasharq, the past ten years have proven that we took the right path to accomplish our goals and our customers’ expectations. We succeeded in introducing the best sports cars and motorcycles into the Kingdom, fulfilled the increasing demand on safety, luxury and high-tech engineering, and offered motorist enthusiasts the best and most innovative brand names in terms of safety and exhilarating driving pleasure.

Our exceptional identity surpassed the concept of supply and maintenance of some of the most exotic cars and motorcycles in the world. We succeeded in laying down three important pillars.

First, we pride ourselves as a Saudi company, part of the local culture and family values on which we built our approach and planned our business. We work according to values of integrity and top professional service, and we interact with our community with responsibility to continue providing the best possible ownership experience for our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Second, our team is the foundation of our internal structure and the very ground on which we reinforce our local presence. In Nahwasharq Co. Ltd., we believe that our internal structure, supported by our team, is heading towards success! We have succeeded, as a senior management, executive and administrative team and professional staff, in being the favorite partner of some of the most famous trademarks worldwide and the most devoted agent in providing a rich and renewable experience to its clients, while achieving high competitiveness and growth for our business.

Our partners (trademarks) are the third pillar. Nahwasharq Co. Ltd. is proud to be a preferred and exclusive partner to some of the top international trademarks in the automobile industry. We offer our customer trademarks that excel in combining luxury with power, innovation with craftsmanship of design, and speed with adventure in the most luxurious and unique experience.

We look forward to continuing to provide the best ownership experience and improving the growth and development of our market, while accomplishing high competitiveness and growth. We will continue to improve and develop our staff to support future development strategy and commitment to sustained enhancement of customer service according to high standards specifically designed by our partners according to approved standards.

Finally, we are pleased with our progress, during which Nahwasharq Co. Ltd. succeeded in guiding its growth as a leading provider of luxury, safety, and refined design in the automotive industry across the Kingdom. It is a success that only encourages us to ensure our commitment to the local industry and dedication to improve our business in this generous country, which offers promising investment opportunities that will continue to improve with the ambitious 2030 Vision, in which we see favorable opportunities to capitalize on for our future growth.