Nahwasharq Transportation (NST).

Nahwasharq Transportation (NST) is another subsidiary of Nahwasharq Company Ltd. NST was founded in 2010, in the aim of meeting the increasing demand in the Saudi market for mass transport of vehicles throughout the different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The operation of NST started in 2010 with 10 trucks of 8-vehicle transportation capacity. Due to the increasing demand of its services, it had acquired 20 other trucks the same year. The services of NST covered the entire soil of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia mainly linking the three main regions in the kingdom, the central region, eastern and western regions.

NST now operates over 80 trucks with branches in the three main cities of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. The average operation in a year is 78,000 vehicles transported inside the Kingdom with an availability of extending the service to cover transportation from Saudi Arabia to the entire GCC region. 

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